Kateri School

Kateri School photo

One of three Kahnawà:ke Education Center schools, Kateri School is an elementary-level school with a mission to improve delivery of educational services so that Kahnawà:ke children may learn—based on their individual needs—while immersed in their culture.

Kateri School stands out by offering a 50/50 English and French full-day program in the Nursery and Kindergarten levels. As an option, parents may enroll students in an 80/20 French immersion program for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Grades 3-4 shift to 60/40, whereas the final two years are 50/50 immersion. Throughout, students attend daily Kanien’kéha classes—the culture is weaved into all programs with teachings that reflect the Kanien'kehá:ka cultural calendar.

Parents who choose to enroll their children at Kateri School may rest assured that their children will become proficient in the English and French languages, while still being immersed in their Kanien’kehá:ka culture.