Staff and Administration

Ohén:ton Í:iente - Principal

Konwenni Zachary

Under the supervision of the Associate Director of Education, the Principal is responsible as the educational leader and ensures that student achievement is maximized. The Principal manages, evaluates, and supervises effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the school—consistent with the philosophy, mission, values, and goals of the school. 

Ohén:ton Í:iente Iontathsnié:nens - Associate Principal

Kahentiiohstha Foote

Under the supervision of the Principal, the Associate Principal is responsible for the management, supervision, and administration of all student programs. In addition, the Associate Principal is responsible for assisting the Principal in the general administration of the school, and participating in the general administration of the Kahnawà:ke Education System through administration meetings and system strategic planning.

Tsi Iehiatónhkhwa Iontathsnié:nens - Administrative Assistant

Iawentes Carly Gilbert

The Administrative Assistant aids in the operation of the school, alongside the Receptionist and Principal. Responsibilities include: the dissemination of information to parents, staff, and students; processing fiscal information, ensuring compliance with legal and financial requirements, scheduling meetings; maintaining records, and monitoring department and program activities.  

Iehiátons - Receptionist

Iakoia'tahskats Norton

The Receptionist is the primary contact for all parents and visitors. Receptionists are responsible for providing secretarial, clerical, and administrative support in order to ensure school services are provided in an effective and efficient manner. 

Staff Contact Information

Karonhianónhnha Tsi Ionterihwaienstáhkhwa

Sahawisó:ko Arquette

Iakorihonnién:ni Shakohsnié:nens

Karahkwenhá:wi Bauersfeld

Iakorihonnién:ni - Kawennarástha / Tsi Iewennahnotáhkhwa Ionthiatonhseranónhnha

Ioniehtenhá:wi Beauvais

Iakorihonnién:ni Iontathsnié:nens

Tekahentáhkhwa Brown


Tamar Chiyladze

Behavior Technician

Karahkwenhá:wi Cross


Tiorì:ware Cross

Iakorihonnién:ni Iontathsnié:nens

Wahsontanó:ron Cross

Iakorihonnién:ni Iontathsnié:nens

Watshennón:ni Curotte


Shakowennenhá:wi Deer

Shakorihonnién:ni - Ata'karitétshera II

Tsohahí:io Deom


Karihwaiénhne Diabo


Kwaronhiá:wi Dunkley


Tamara Elias


Iawen:tes Carly Gilbert

Iehiátons - Receptionist

Kahentoréhtha Lauren Jacco

Ohén:ton Í:iente - Principal

Iakotetshén:'en Jacobs

Iontathsnié:nens Kanien'kéha Ahontéweienste - Resource Teacher

Iewisenhá:wi Jacobs

Ieráhstha' (Curriculum Center)

Kahsennókwas Jacobs


Kanerahtanonhnha Jacobs


Katsi’tsorónkwas Jacobs

Iakorihonnién:ni Iontathsnié:nens

Walter Jacobs


Timothy Lahache

Senior Network Technician

Tehotsenháthe Lazare

Iakorihonnién:ni Shakohsnié:nens

Kahsennénhawe Loft


Elise Mathieu


Iotsistohkwatá:kon McComber

Iakorihonnién:ni Iontathsnié:nens

Kahontiiosta McComber


Otiohkwinon McComber

Iakorihonnién:ni - "Hao' Tewakhón:ni" Iekhón:nis

Teioshontáthe McComber

Shakorihonnién:ni - Tsi Iontia'takariiostáhkhwa

Karihwaiénhne McGregor

Iakorihonnién:ni Iontathsnié:nens

Tiohseráthe McGregor

Production Clerk at Curriculum Center

Wahienhá:wi McGregor

Ka’nikonhrí:io Student Mentorship Coach

Karonhianó:ron McGregor-Yuan


Iekahawíhtha Meloche


Deniz Nadji

Ieráhstha' Iako'nikonhrahserón:nis - Art Therapist

Erin Patton


Kaníharons Phillips

Curriculum Coordinator at Curriculum Center

Karakwinéhtha Phillips

Iakorihonnién:ni Iontathsnié:nens

Atenatiiostha Pinsonneault


Edina Potvin

Iontathsnié:nens Tiorhen:sen Ahontéweienste - Resource Teacher

Melanie Poupart

Occupational Therapist

Kakwitenéhstsi Robertson


Tekawennine Robertson-White

Tsi Iehiatónhkhwa Iontathsnié:nens - Administrative Assistant

Shakonwaré:tsi Silversmith

Shakorihonnién:ni - Ata'karitétshera I

Katsi'tsahawe Splicer


Conrad Stevens


Haley Sutton

Behavior Technician

Iakonié:ien Swamp

Iakorihonnién:ni - Kahehta'kéhshon

Valeri Tremblay

Iakorihonnién:ni - O'seronni'kéha

Ohsenna'ón:we White


Konwenni Zachary

Ohén:ton Í:iente Iontathsnié:nens - Associate Principal