KSS Wrestling

February 2, 2023 Meet:

First win for the KSS Wrestling Team this season: Tehahsi’taieronn:ni Deer
The first win by a pin this season: Teiokera’onhatie Horne
First athlete to go undefeated with 2 consecutive wins: Tiohahison Splicer

All Star Meet:

All Star Winners:
  • Tehahsi'taieronni Deer
  • Iakorenniio Loft
  • Tiohahison Splicer

GMAA Championship Meet:

GMAA Champion and undefeated this season (5-0):
  • Tiohahison Splicer
Bronze Medalists:
  • Deyogawehe' Horne
  • Tehahsi'taieronni Deer
  • Charm Goodleaf
  • Lia Bear