Programs & Services

Kahnawake Survival School 

The Kahnawa:ke Community Education System provides our children with quality education based upon Kanien’keha:ka beliefs, values, language, and traditions. We believe that our children should be educated in their community, with their peers, and taught by qualified educators, who know the community, the culture and the curriculum. We believe that children, who have a strong Kanien’keha:ka self-concept and positive self-esteem, will become respectful, self-sufficient and self-determined Kahnawa’kehro:non.


Kahnawake Survival School offers a wide variety of programs and services that will meet the needs and interests of our students:
  • Trilingual Based Education
  • Science Labs with Cross-Curricular Instruction
  • Cultural Teachings and Activities
  • Partnerships with External Organizations
    • McGill
    • Concordia
  • College Prep Programs
    • Research writing/methods
  • Pathways
    • Workplace oriented training
  • G.M.A.A sports affiliation
  • Student support services
    • Resource, nurse, etc.
  • Academic advisor support