Resources for Researchers

To support capacity building and improve readiness to work within our community, the KEC is interested in creating resources for researchers. This initiative is currently still in development. However, a graduate student collaborator (Daniella Birlain D’Amico) kindly put together a list of recommended readings as a starting point.

FAQ & Glossary

Based on the enquiries received by the Education Research Consultant, the following frequently asked questions are provided for clarification. In addition, the glossary of terms and translations from the KEC Research Policy & Code of Ethics is included on this page for convenience. For any further information or additional questions, please email:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Glossary & Translations

The following glossary of terms and Kanien’kéha translations can be found in the KEC Research Policy & Code of Ethics.
The Education Research Consultant is the primary contact for the ERC.
The Consultant works both remotely and out of KEC administrative support offices.

The primary email address of the ERC is: