Policy & Intake Process

This KEC Research Policy & Code of Ethics outlines the Kahnawà:ke Education Center’s (KEC) policies and explains the principles, protocols and procedures for conducting education research and other collaborative activities in partnership with the KEC. The contents provide a clear and concise guide for the development of respectful and ethical community-based research that benefits all parties interested in engaging in educational research in Kahnawà:ke. The policy includes instructions on how to prepare and complete the research request and ethics application process through the KEC’s Education Research Committee.

Submitting a Request to Collaborate or an Application for Research Ethics Review

Applications to conduct research in partnership with the Kahnawà:ke Education Center are subject to a community ethics review process through the Education Research Committee. In addition, many types of requests to collaborate on projects or school-based activities are also filtered through the Education Research Committee but do not require a full-scale ethics review. For more information, please consult the KEC Research Policy & Code of Ethics. Submissions of requests/applications and any questions may be sent directly to the Education Research Consultant or to the ERC at: ethics@kecedu.ca.

The ERC request intake and ethics application form must be completed and submitted to the Education Research Consultant. For requests to conduct post-secondary research in partnership with the KEC, an additional document must be completed and submitted (appendix A: Post-Sec research).

Feel free to check with the Education Research Consultant if you are unsure if a review is required for your request. Here are some examples of what we review, and what is not in our mandate:


The Education Research Consultant is the primary contact for the ERC.
The Consultant works both remotely and out of KEC administrative support offices.

The primary email address of the ERC is: