Welcome to the ERC landing page!

The Education Research Committee (ERC) was created in 2020 to oversee education research within the Kahnawà:ke Education Center and implement the KEC Research Policy & Code of Ethics. The Education Research Coordinator oversees the application & review process, and Charis the ERC.

Education Research

The Kahnawà:ke education center has engaged in fruitful reserach partnerships and community collaboration from its founding. Through the decades, our community vision for education has evolved to include research funding, partnerships, and collaborations with educators, researchers, organizations, and academic institutions. As leaders in community education, the KEC has a responsibility to the community to foster and develop research capacity within our people and to ensure that any education research in our community is conducted ethically and responsibly.

The KEC recognizes that research is a powerful tool to generate and transmit new understandings and interpretations of knowledge. It is also recognized that research has always been part of our ways of knowing, passing on expertise and drawing upon the intellectual knowledge of our ancestors as we understood our ecological environment, food systems, and pathways to resiliency. Through the development of a new KEC Research Policy & Code of Ethics, we are fully harnessing the transformational power of education and education research to empower our people and help drive our community towards a brighter and more prosperous future.