KCSC Members & Committees

KCSC Members

(Updated April 1, 2019)

Tahothoratie Cross
Tahothoratie Cross (Post-Secondary Representative) 

Elected: November 27, 2018     Term Ending: November 27, 2021

Vacant (Kateri School Representative)
Wayne Delormier Jr. (Interim KSS Representative)
Wayne Delormier Jr. (Interim Chairperson & KSS Representative)

Elected: February 21, 2019  Term Ending: February 21, 2022

Responsibilities: In-School Liaison

Brandy Diabo
Brandy Diabo (General Representative)

Elected: November 27, 2018     Term Ending: November 27, 2021

Donna Goodleaf
Donna Goodleaf (Community Representative)

Elected: November 27, 2018     Term Ending: November 27, 2021

Marnie Jacobs
Marnie Jacobs (Kahnawake Survival School Representative)

Appointed: December 12, 2018     Term Ending: December 12, 2021

Responsibilities:In-School Liaison

Chelsea Katsitsenhá:wi Lahache
Chelsea Katsitsenhá:wi Lahache (Kateri School Representative)

Appointed: November 3, 2017     Term Ending: November 3, 2020

Responsibilities:In-School Liaison, Legislation & Policy Sub Committees

Amelia Tekwatonti McGregor
Amelia Tekwatonti McGregor (Mohawk Trail Longhouse Representative)

Appointed: January 1, 2015
All representative terms are indeterminate and are reaffirmed by the People of the Longhouse every three years.

Responsibilities: MCK Liaison, Communications Liaison, KOR Liaison, Legislation & Policy Sub-Committees

Lynne Norton (Interim 207 Longhouse Representative)

Temporarily Appointed: January 17, 2019

Responsibilities: 207 Longhouse Liaison 

Vacant (General Representative)
Leslie-Anne Stacey
Leslie-Anne Stacey (Karonhianónhnha Tsi Ionterihwaienstáhkhwa Representative)

Appointed: March 28, 2019     Term Ending: March 28, 2022

Vacant (Karonhianónhnha Tsi Ionterihwaienstáhkhwa Representative)


Kahnawà:ke Education Center Representatives (Non-Voting Members):

  • Robin Delaronde, Director of Education
  • Sohenrise Paul Nicholas, Director of Finance and Administration

KCSC Elder Advisors

  • Nancy Deer
  • Joe Deom
  • Laura Norton

Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke Portfolio Chiefs (Education):

  • Ross Montour, MCK Chief
  • Harry Rice, MCK Chief

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

(Updated Dec 4, 2018)

  • Strategic Steering & Planning Committees
  • Organizational Structure Committee
  • Standing Committee on Directors Supervision
  • Standing Committee on Finance
  • Student and Family Consultation Steering Committee
  • Standing Committee on Curriculum
  • Annual Report Liaison
  • Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Liaison:
  • Social Policy Sub-Committee:
  • First Nations Education Council (FNEC)/Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador (AFNQL) Liaison(s)
  • Admissions Sub-Committee
  • Grievance Sub-Committee
  • Lands (KSS) Sub-Committee
  • Post-Secondary Policy Sub-Committee

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