Kahnawà:ke Combined Schools Committee

The Kahnawà:ke Combined Schools Committee is composed of twelve (12) members. Of those twelve, two (2) from each Kahnawà:ke school are appointed via the respective Parent In-School Committee, with six (6) members in all. Through their own selection process, the Longhouses—207 and Mohawk Trail—appoint one (1) member each. Unlike other KCSC positions, Longhouse members serve an indeterminate term. There are four (4) general seats; an election is held during the General Assembly in Mid-Autumn to appoint these members.

Once all positions have been filled via the various selection processes, the KCSC holds an internal election. The purpose of this election is to assign the four (4) Officer roles: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. In some instances, one KCSC member may hold more than one position (ex: The Vice-Chairperson may also hold the position of Secretary).

With the exception of the two Longhouse positions, members of the KCSC serve a three-year term. Eligibility for a role within the Kahnawà:ke Combined Schools Committee depends on whether an individual is a parent of a child who is currently enrolled in a Kahnawà:ke Education System Elementary or Secondary school. For the general seats, parents may have children enrolled in outside schools.


In lasting partnership with parents and community, the Kahnawà:ke Education System ensures that all Kahnawa'kehró:non students will be given well-balanced and superior learning opportunities. Our students will achieve pride and self-sufficiency through powerful curriculum based on Kanien'kehá:ka language, values and content, guided by innovative teaching methods. Our students will apply their knowledge and skills to fulfill their life goals in contemporary society while honoring our ancestors and building our future through seven generations thinking.


Nutured by a strong, healthy circle of family and community, all of our students are empowered and proud Onkwehón:we, who are connected to the natural world. Our students are life-long learners who are wholistically well prepared to thrive on any path they choose.