KEC Staff


Robin Delaronde

Director of Education

Sohenrise Paul Nicholas

Director of Finance and Administration

Darlene Roberts

Executive Assistant to the Director of Education

Iakohsontí:io McComber

Interim Vice Principal

Tracey Alfred

Registrar/Purchase Order Clerk

Janice Beauvais

Student and Community Engagement Consultant

Mya Bordeau

Science Projects Liaison

Carrie Brisson

Student Services & Family Engagement Coordinator

Jason Calvert

Operations Manager

Takatsi’tsóntie Delaronde

Curriculum Digitization Assistant

Christine Diabo

Payroll Administrator

Stephanie Katsi'tsenhawe Diabo

Executive Assistant to the Associate Director of Education

Bethany Douglas

Post-Secondary Distance Counselor

Claire Farrell

Education Technology Integration Consultant

Shelley Goodleaf

Principal - Kateri School

Jade Hannett

Interim Finance Manager

Jerilyn Horn-Montour

Administrative Assistant to the KCSC

Denise Jacobs

Finance Manager

Falen Iakowennaié:was Jacobs

Associate Director of Education

Kahsennénhawe Mandy Jacobs

Kanien'kéha Curriculum Consultant

Dominique Janvier

French Language Consultant

Ieiakohtehróhon Meaghen Lafleur

Human Resources Officer

Timothy Lahache

Senior Network Technician

Chris Leclaire

Post-Secondary Counselor

Jackie Leclaire

Principal - Kahnawake Survival School

Sandra-Lynn Leclaire

Social Studies Curriculum Consultant

Wahienhá:wi McGregor

Ka’nikonhrí:io Student Mentorship Coach

Leslie Morris

Human Resources Manager

Shakoiéhtha David Phillips

Human Resources Officer

Adriana Poulette

Education Research Coordinator

Ryan Sargeant

English Language Arts Consultant

Geraldine Sky

Finance Officer

Kahtehrón:ni Iris Stacey

Curriculum Team Coordinator

Kim Stacey

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant - KEC/ASO Administrative Support Office

Kathy Walsh

Science Curriculum Consultant

Craig Watson

Facilitator of Programs and Services

Wahéhshon Whitebean

Education Research Consultant & Chair of Education Research Committee