KEC addresses misinformation regarding KSS

KEC addresses misinformation regarding KSS

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Kahnawà:ke Education Center (KEC) Kahnawà:ke, Quebec – 26 Onerahtókha/April  2021 – KEC would like to address misinformation that has been circulating the community.  There is not an outbreak at Kahnawake Survival School, which is what the speculation was according to social media.  Local public health has confirmed that the two recent positive student cases at KSS are not associated.  Both situations were handled with extreme vigilance in accordance with KEC COVID-19 sanitization protocols.

Local public health will continue to monitor results associated with the most recent case and collaborate with KSS and KEC to determine additional measures if required.   

“Measures were taken in terms of those who associated with the individual while in the building.  We’re fortunate as our numbers are small for students on-site at KSS.”  Robin Delaronde, Director of Education

Please continue to remain vigilant in regards to the state of your health.

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Jaime Dickson
Communications Officer
Kahnawake Education Center