KCSC Legislation Update

KCSC Legislation Update

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Kahnawà:ke Education Center (KEC) (Kahnawà:ke, Quebec – 12 Kentenhkó:wa/November 2020) The Kahnawà:ke Combined Schools Committee (KCSC) Governance Manual (which includes the Constitution/By-Laws and Kahnawà:ke Education Responsibility Act (KERA) needed revisions to make it clearer and more reader friendly.  There were areas in the documents that required input from our stakeholders, who are the parents, Post-Secondary Students over eighteen (18+), and the Community.  

Input from our stakeholders is very important and appreciated.  Therefore, a survey and the revised draft Constitution/By-Laws and KERA were available online from February 4th to February 21st, 2020.  One-on-one or group meetings to provide input/comments and/or ask questions regarding the KCSC documentation were also provided upon request.

The compiled survey results were due to be circulated in early March 2020 for a final review by our stakeholders.  Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic lock-down in March 2020, we were not able to provide you with the survey results at that time.

Without further delay, we are pleased to advise the community that the compiled survey results are now posted on the KEC website (these documents were available for a two week period and have since been taken down) and Facebook pages for the next two (2) weeks for your final review and information.  Kindly note that one irrelevant/inappropriate comment was removed from Question 27 on page 35 of the survey.

The revised draft Constitution/By-Laws and KERA used during the survey are available online as well.

Ratification of the revised Constitution/By-Laws and KERA through a stakeholder vote will have to be postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.

As always, we welcome your questions, comments, or concerns. You may contact:

Tahothoratie Cross, Interim Vice-Chairperson, KCSC


Jerilyn Horn-Montour, Administrative Assistant to the KCSC