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For immediate release

Kahnawà:ke Education Center (KEC) (Kahnawà:ke, Quebec – 1 Kenténha/October 2020) As our community moves into a “Red Alert Level”, under the guidance of the Kahnawà:ke Task Force, the Kahnawà:ke Education Center will begin shifting education services to full remote learning for most of our students.

  • We assure our parents and students that our three schools will be accessible to school staff to provide services or conduct lessons via zoom from their designated classroom location.
  • There will be periods identified when students can come into the school. (I.e. formal exams – school gymnasium, labs, IEP review, or resource supports).
  • Our two elementary schools will provide an educational daycare service for our Nursery-Grade 6 students.
  • KSS will provide on-site services to students of parents who are essential workers. Parents do need to make a request for this service.
  • Students and families who are experiencing connectivity problems will have a designated location set up for them to partake in remote learning until they are able to secure connectivity in their residence.
  • Week of October 5th (Schools begin planning for the transition to remote learning)
    • KSS begins remote learning for most students.
    • Monday and Tuesday – KSS students will not attend school, however, will have assignments uploaded by their teachers.
    • Only identified classrooms/groups will be attending school on-site.
    • Wednesday and Thursday – KSS remote classes resume.
    • Online student support services are implemented.
    • Elementary students remain in school.
    • Home-Learning Program continues as planned.
    • Contact parents regarding tech needs (elementary).
    • Compile a list of parents who require essential on-site services (both schools).
    • Identify and inform parents that their child is eligible for on-site instruction.
  • Week of October 12th (Monday, October 12th is a holiday, Thanksgiving)
    • KSS continues remote learning.
    • Elementary schools will have no school except for identified classrooms/groups.
    • Home Learning Program will continue as planned.
  • Week of October 19th
    • Essential education services begin on-line.
    • All on-site student services begin on-line.
    • All schools are engaged in remote learning.

The KEC, administrators, and educators have been preparing for this Red Alert Level.  We will work to continue providing education services to our students and will be supporting parents throughout this period.  Please check your emails, our website, and Facebook for important updates. 


For more information, contact:
Jaime Dickson
Communications Officer