School Surveys Conducted, Results to be Released Next Week

School Surveys Conducted, Results to be Released Next Week

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Kahnawà:ke Education Center (KEC) (Kahnawà:ke, Quebec –  14 Seskéha/August 2020) – Parent phone surveys have been conducted this past week to gauge parent intentions as we prepare to begin the school year.  Our results indicate that most parents have participated; however, we do have some who have not given their input yet. These results are crucial to our plans for re-opening. Therefore, we ask those parents who have not had the chance to partake in the survey to contact your respective schools early next week.

We are reviewing all results and comments and are planning to release our findings to parents soon. Any questions will be responded to shortly. 

For elementary schools, we understand that your decision may change regarding whether you will engage in the KEC Home Learning Program at the onset, and we plan to address this situation in the coming weeks. If you indicated uncertainty, this may require our schools to contact you, once again, prior to school starting to confirm your participation.

Representatives from the KEC will be meeting with the MCK School Bus Transportation Department in order to share results and coordinate services.

We thank all of those parents who proactively took part in this very important survey and remind those who have not, that their input is very important to us.

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Jaime Dickson
Communications Officer