KCSC COMMUNIQUÉ: KCSC Update on KSS Investigation

KCSC COMMUNIQUÉ: KCSC Update on KSS Investigation

KCSC Communiqué: KCSC Update on KSS Investigation



Kahnawake Education Center - Kahnawake, Quebec (June 25, 2019)

The Kahnawake Combined Schools Committee (KCSC) wishes to inform the community that the KSS second phase investigation is moving forward.

Following an initial KEC investigation with an independent investigator that concluded December 2018, recommendations included a second phase investigation.

The KEC sought an appropriate investigator during that period, without success.   At parents’ request, the KCSC took over the investigation file March 28, 2019.  On April 10, 2019, parents requested via email to take over the file to allow the KCSC latitude in working on governance document amendments.  At a duly convened June 10, 2019 KCSC meeting, parents returned the file to the KCSC and the committee resumed inquiries to find a suitable investigator.

Given the serious and delicate nature of the matter, it was important to ensure the KCSC performed its due diligence.  Finding an appropriate investigator proved challenging due to scheduling conflicts and availability of the potential candidates; however, we are pleased to confirm final negotiations see terms of reference and scope almost finalized.  We are satisfied with the selected candidate.

The KCSC appreciates parents’ patience and your need for resolution to what has been a lengthy process.  We assure you the KCSC takes its governance role seriously.  We are following rigorous protocols to ensure the committee conducts a transparent, fair and thorough review according to established policies and procedures.



Wayne Delormier
Interim Chairperson, Kahnawà:ke Combined Schools Committee