KSS Students request special meeting with KEC Administration

KSS Students request special meeting with KEC Administration

KSS Students request special meeting with KEC Administration


Kahnawà:ke Education Center (KEC) (Kahnawà:ke, Quebec – 14 Ohiarí:ha/June 2019) – Kahnawà:ke Education Center administration met with approximately 10 Kahnawake Survival School (KSS) students this morning for over 90 minutes to answer student concerns about proposed changes to KSS curriculum for the 2019/2020 school year.

Students requested to meet with Director of Education Robin Delaronde and Associate Director of Education Earlyn Sharpe. The meeting was held at the KEC Administrative Support Offices located on River Road. Director of Finance and Administration Sohenrise Paul Nicholas was also in attendance.

Students asked for clarification on information that has been presented to KSS staff and In-School Committee regarding the proposed changes, and relayed their concern and confusion about the information that includes an increase in Kanien’kéha language, science and arts.


The students requested Delaronde and Sharpe be available to attend a community meeting on Monday, June 17th at Karonhianónhnha Tsi Ionterihwaienstáhkhwa to present the proposed changes to the community. Delaronde initially agreed to the meeting.

However, at the end of today’s meeting, letters were hand delivered to Delaronde and Sharpe by a parent representative from the KSS In-School Committee. The letter was addressed to Delaronde, Sharpe and the entire Kahnawà:ke Combined Schools Committee rejecting proposed curriculum changes. Therefore, the KEC will present to the KSS staff as planned on Tuesday June 18, and following that will respond to the KSS parents’ concerns as outlined in the letter.

Following that, a meeting will be planned with KSS students to present the proposed curriculum changes.
“We appreciate the students voicing their concerns, however, we must go through this process first to ensure that we gather feedback from staff and the In-School before going to the community,” stated Delaronde.


For more information, contact:
Alana Atwin
Communications Officer