Kahnawà:ke Parents Vote to Pass KCSC Legislation

Kahnawà:ke Parents Vote to Pass KCSC Legislation

The Kahnawà:ke Combined Schools Committee (KCSC) and the Kahnawà:ke Education Center (KEC) are pleased to announce that the Kahnawà:ke Education Responsibility Act (KERA), the KCSC Constitution and By-Laws and the KCSC Governance Manual were all ratified at a duly convened general parent meeting last night, June 25, 2018 at Kateri School. The legislation was approved with 37 yes votes, and 17 no votes. No votes were spoiled. This morning, the KEC Registrar confirmed eligibility of all parents who voted.

The KCSC are very pleased with the results, as the legislation reaffirms parents as the final authority in education as defined in the Joint Unification Agreement (JUA) of 1968 that established parental control over education through the formation of the KCSC. "We would like to thank our elders, KCSC alumni, parents, students and community members for participating and supporting this important undertaking as it evolved from the initial community constitution consultation process, “stated Deidre Diome, KCSC Chairperson. “This is the first step of many that the KCSC plans to take to ensure that our community education system is as accountable and transparent as possible. Every step we take going forward, is to ensure that parents and students are always the driving force in Kahnawà:ke Education."

In January 2018, the KCSC began a process to review and update the KCSC legislation documents. From January to May 2018, the community was invited to participate in the consultation and feedback process. Almost-weekly 3-hour sessions were held over 5 months to go over the documents line by line for review and feedback. The process was extended several times to ensure parents in attendance could review every document thoroughly. A campaign to highlight the final feedback phase began in late May to encourage community members to submit feedback verbally, or in writing by June 11th. The final vote was scheduled for June 18th, but out of respect for another community event the same evening, the KCSC postponed the final ratification vote to Monday, June 25th.

Anyone with questions about the legislation including the Governance Manual are asked to please contact Deidre Diome or Diane Deer of the KCSC by contacting the KEC at 450-632-8770. The KCSC is willing to facilitate an orientation of the legislation for anyone who is interested.

For more information, contact:
Deidre Diome
KCSC Chairperson
Diane Deer
KCSC Member
207 Longhouse Representative